Success Starts with a plan

October 17,2016 update

Just a quick update.  In the best interest of the company and the shareholders I have decided to terminate the contract with Victory Resources and focus on more immediate cash flow opportunities.

Our company is going to be a Holding company comprised of several different sectors.  The Urban Mining is still on the table but the first announced deal was premature and problematic.  My intentions is to keep the shares tightly held and not distribute them so freely, as has been done in the past.

Around the first of November I will be traveling to Hong Kong to complete a deal I have been working on for several months.  I will bring this to our company.  It is a business I am very passionate about and have a great deal of experience.

I am also close to completing a deal in a sector that is new to me but I have some advisors that understand it very well.  No promises but I hope I can complete the deal before I leave to Hong Kong.

In closing I just completed negotiating a $2.8 million contract with a big box store.  There is a possibility I could bring this into our holding company, if I can make both companies satisfied.

I have no apologies for lack of details.  Details were provided much too quickly concerning Victory and that wont happen again.