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Tom's Corner

As we draw to an end of another busy week, I am looking forward to receiving the final drafts required to bringing NGCG into a much more secure place. We have managed to put order to many of the existing obstacles of the past, my plans have the full support of some of my strongest business allies. As there is no future in the past, I have chosen to ignore much of the rhetoric of the previous management on the various chat boards, and have spent my time focused on closing these deal(s). This is the only way I know how to deliver on my promise of success through careful planning.

Have a great weekend and thanks to all our shareholders for your continued patience and support.


New Generation Consumer Group Inc. is a US based metal/minerals company with a primary focus on the rare metals, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. NGCG specializes in metals such as Lithium, Gold and Silver. There will be a emphasis on niche based metals such as Lithium due to the growing demand because of the new energy storage technology.

New Generation is also positioning itself to become heavily involved in “Urban Mining”. New Generation will focus on reclaiming electronic waste to recover lithium, gold, silver copper and other metals.

New Generation will concentrate it’s effort on increasing shareholder value with asset based acquisitions of mineral property rights and Joint Ventures with established mining companies. In addition to acquisitions of electronic waste recyclers.